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We undertake controls system servicing across many sites throughout London & the South East.
Mostly on HVAC Building management and process systems.

Software systems include but are not limited to the following:

Niagara 4

Siemens TIA Portal


Niagara Legacy and AX

Siemens Desigo

Satchwell DC1100/DC1400



Landis & Staefa


Each service includes a deep dive into the systems software strategy and health check on the operation of BMS ancillary devices such as pressure/level switches, current monitors & temp/air quality sensors

90% of the service visits last no longer than a single day and, when completed, allows us to recommend actions to improve the operation of the system and highlight any potential causes of failure or fault.

We also offer call-out type engineering visits on the above systems in the event of complete system failures or critical faults. Most of our service packages include priority or inclusive call-out visits for service clients.

We cover London, Essex and the South East.


Although often nothing beats having an experienced Engineer on site in the event of a system fault, we are now harnessing the latest technology to allow us, and you, remote access to your controls system.  We can diagnose system faults, make tuning adjustments and offer intelligence to mechanical contractors, without costly engineering visits.  Please see our INSIGHT remote monitoring service packages for details.


The advantages of remote access and its prospects are limited only by the imagination. We have set up smart phone apps for on-the-go client controls, produced automated weather updates, automated email reporting and plenty more beside…and we’re still only scratching the surface. The great thing is, that you as the client, get the same remote access as us for free!

The VPN technology we use is IT network friendly and available in a number of different formats to suit different networking requirements.