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Automation for building management comes in the form of the Niagara Framework. Developed by Tridium EMEA, and licensed under many brands, it is the leader in its class for developing software strategy and providing seamless integration with a huge number of main brand HVAC plants.

We have been System integrators with Tridium since 2017, and in that time have seen the entire landscape of building management systems shift in favour of the Niagara framework. The good news is its still developing.

As partners we offer full support to our clients and access to:

Niagara controllers and software maintenance upgrades

Niagara supervisor systems

Software drivers

Compatible HMI and control panel touchscreens

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Process Control comes in the form of the SIEMENS TIA PORTAL, probably one of the largest and most well-known PLC controllers on the market. The TIA portal, or Step 7 range of PLC’s, are the controller of choice when critical processes, or a higher level of safety, are required due to the presence of machine operators. We have used them in pumping applications, stand-alone machining and conveyor systems, as they all lend themselves perfectly to the Step 7 controller. We particularly like the intuitive and hard-wearing step 7 HMI screens.

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