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The Evotech range was initially introduced as a fully configurable building management control panel to suit small or medium size HVAC systems. The intention was to provide an affordable BMS system that would rival standalone controllers such as the Satchwell DC1100 or Siemens RVL units.

The Evotech panels have evolved into much more than a rival and have proven themselves just as worthy as our bespoke control panels, they feature largely the same component configuration and are built using the same tooling. The Evotech is the “off the peg” solution with a “made to measure” performance.


10” colour touchscreen for scheduling, setpoint control and display of system graphics & charts

Traffolyte style panel engraving

Hand/Off/Auto control of 4no single head Pumps or 2no twin head Pump-sets

Hand/Off/Auto control of 1no auxiliary pump (i.e. hot water return)

On/Off control for 2no Boiler plant (0-10v control)

On/Off control of system pressurisation unit incl healthy/fail indication

Automated control of 1no gas solenoid valve incl safety circuits & fault indication

Automated shutdown of plant on activation of a safety system (E-stop, Fire Alarm etc)

The Evotech is a client connect unit and as such are supplied with the necessary drawings and operational manuals for a suitably qualified Engineer to install prior to commissioning by our CEP Engineers.

**For Evotech panels ordered with our Remote VPN and monitoring package we will provide the first years monitoring and Service free of charge**