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“CEP Engineering is dedicated to providing our clients with reliable and innovative controls packages regardless of a projects size or budget. The landscape of Industrial control systems, in particular Building management, is changing rapidly. The responsibility on our behalf is to present the controls to you, and most importantly enable you to use them in the most frictionless and accessible way possible. Whether that’s from a smartphone app, laptop or using a switch on the front of a control panel. The technology is already a part of our everyday lives, its in our homes and our places of work. The skill is balancing this new technology in with a tried and tested processes that has been used so reliably in our industry for many years. That’s a truly great product.”


Engineering Director


CEP Engineering Ltd understands that the key to successful health and safety management requires an effective policy, organisation and preventative measures. The current health and safety legislation should be regarded as the minimum rather than the target. It is the responsibility of all our staff members, sub-contractors and vendors to reflect the senior management’s commitment to safety awareness. To maintain this we continually measure or revise where necessary, and allocate adequate finances to the training and equipment required.